Catching Up with Arthur Bray

With collaborations ranging from Boiler Room, Pleasures, Under Armour, and so much more, we caught up with Arthur Bray of Yeti Out, a creative collective based out of Hong Kong. Founded by Arthur, his twin brother Tom, and Erisen while they were in university, their collective has become a growing phenomenon in the East and it’s inching closer to taking over the West. We caught up with Arthur to talk about the birth of Yeti, his debut pop-up, and what’s next. 

Check out Arthur’s Instagram and Yeti’s Instagram to learn more. If you’re interested in copping anything from their most recent drops or collaborations, check out their webstore.

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Rooted in Hong Kong

Growing up, I wanted to do it all. I wanted to be a skater, a yoyo-er, an NBA player, everything. With all the changes in interest, the one constant was fashion. My afternoons were spent watching 106 and Park which led me to fall in love with hip-hop; I wanted to wear a hat like T.I, Timbs like Jay-Z, and over sized jerseys like Dipset. My infatuation with hip-hop culture would eventually take me down the road of sneaker collecting and ultimately, streetwear. But the last place I expected to find inspiration was from my roots, Hong Kong.

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